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Welcome to Pest Animal Minneapolis! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Minneapolis, MN. 1. We like to pride ourselves on providing a service that is not only efficient and professional, but friendly, courteous and respectful too. That’s why our customers voted as #1 wildlife removal specialists for not one, not two, but three years running. Is it a commercial or a residential property? It doesn’t matter, we can do both. And we even carry commercial lability insurance to make sure your property is completely protected. Our staff man the phones 24/7, and they’re not only informed and trained, but polite too. We appreciate you need a calm person on the other end of the line when you’re having a bat crisis at 3 in the morning. We remove animals such as skunks, groundhogs, or more from under sheds and porches, but that’s not all we can. We’re great at getting rid of dead animals stinking out your home, and we can get rid of bigger pests like opossums, skunks and raccoons. We know they make a right mess of your garden, but we won’t leave any mess behind us! We are available for fast service! We can usually schedule same-day or next-day appointments at your convenience. Get in touch today for a free quote, or for some helpful and FREE advice. Call us now at 612-503-8440 for your Minneapolis wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Minneapolis and Our Services:

Thorough inspection of your property and attic.

Humane wildlife trapping and exclusion.

We offer attic cleanup and sanitation services.

Specializing in wildlife only - no poisons.

Fully Minnesota licensed and insured.

Experts in Minnesota bat removal from buildings.

Minneapolis raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Minneapolis snake removal and prevention.

Minneapolis bird control services.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service Minneapolis and Saint Paul, as well as Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Eagan, Woodbury, Maple Grove, Blaine, Eden Prairie, Coon Rapids, Burnsville, Lakeville, Minnetonka, Apple Valley, Edina, St. Louis Park, Maplewood, Shakopee, Richfield, Cottage Grove, Roseville, Inver Grove Heights, Andover, Brooklyn Center, Savage, Oakdale, Fridley, Shoreview, Ramsey, Chanhassen, Prior Lake, White Bear Lake, Chaska, and more.

Minneapolis Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

How To Trap a Pigeon
Pigeons are very common in all parts of the world and we come across them very often in Minnesota streets almost regularly. The fact of the matter is that pigeons in almost all parts of globe have been very much successful as they have evolved in a brilliant fashion especially in the urban settings they have shown great adaptation and can be seen everywhere. They don’t fear living among humans as pigeons are natural scavengers and normally show great interest in picking garbage that is common in cities. The issue is that humans face a lot of issues as well as problems because of their presence. None of us desires to have Minneapolis pigeons as neighbors because they are normally known for carrying many pathogenic diseases such as salmonella. Their nests are also known for attracting bugs and other different kinds of insects that carry diseases. Droppings of pigeons can also be dangerous so it is very much important to eliminate pigeons if they are paying more frequent visits to your Minneapolis property.

Trapping by far is considered as a very much convincing method for the removal of Minnesota pigeons as it is very much effective. In this section, we will discuss some important points related with the technique so that readers can develop a better understanding.

There are two basic kinds of trapping method one involves live trapping where the birds are captured alive and then released into a far off place. The other method is mostly related by directly killing the birds by using different techniques such as shooting or poisoning. However, it is better to go with live trapping as this is a more humane approach to follow in all cases and is also effective. Let’s discuss trapping in detail so that readers can get a better idea.

Getting a trap
Most of the Minnesota pigeon traps normally come in shape of larger cages that have a singular door. The benefit of using a bigger trap is that you can capture many pigeons in it. Market is full of different kinds of traps and most of them are inexpensive.

Selecting the bait
For trapping pigeons you will have to be patient and must follow a defined strategy. In this regard the most important part is going to be played by the selected bait because a Minneapolis pigeon will only lure into the trap if they find something attractive. There are different kinds of baits present in the market, but main point is that you should select the one which can act in the best possible fashion and cracked corn is the most useful product. However bait has to be used in a careful manner as first you will have to spread the bait for a few days so that Minnesota pigeons can get used to visiting the selected areas regularly.

Set the trap
The trap should be selected in a careful manner and if you are using the cage trap for first time, then it is best to carefully read the instruction manual that comes along. Place bait and wait for the birds to come when they start coming you should not immediately close the door of cage in fact wait for as many birds to get in the cage as you can. Once a good number of Minneapolis pigeons get inside the cage you should carefully close the door. This will permanently secure the birds also no harm will be inflicted so everything can be managed in a decent manner.